John Deere 6630 oil frothing

John Deere 6630 oil frothing Problems

John Deere 6630 oil frothing

Hi, I just bought a 57reg 6630 premium, power quad, drive home 5hrs and it was great! Yesterday it started and the oil in the rear was foaming. Run for 10 minutes and oil in the white / air-filled glass site. The pressure at the rear was so high that air was coming out of the handbrake shaft seal. The oil becomes clear again after an hour of sitting.

Today I ran for 5 minutes at 1200rpm the same, I left the lid loose so there was no pressure but the oil was still foaming. In addition, when starting, the oil disappears from the glass. I guess it’s normal. I would like you to help me or give me your opinion, thanks Ross.

Seeing as the filter was recently changed, I would inspect the sealing surface of them first, especially anything that is a suction filter as it could be as simple as the seal not being lubricated prior to assembly and it has been set. with a twist on it. Some Deere models have a long internal gauze inserted at the rear end below the differential, but I don’t know if your model has it, if so, has it been inspected or cleaned? Look for any potentially cracked or loose hoses or fittings around the suction filters. If none of that indicates the cause, consider a faulty vacuum switch in the suction filter, in which the diaphragm could have failed and is letting air in. Temporarily plug suspicious ones or drown them or any other potential leaks in a good dollop of thick grease to see if that helps. I’ve seen a faulty vacuum switch on a suction filter give those symptoms before, but it really could be air coming in anywhere on the suction side_ are genuine filters not just something that had the proper threads? Just a few easy things to try.

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