John Deere 6630: Moving Tractor Vibration

john deere 6630 moving tractor vibration Problems

John Deere 6630: Moving Tractor Vibration

I have noticed an unusual vibration in the tractor when it is in motion. I have checked that the wheel weights and lug nuts are loose, and that there is mud on the inside of the rims, but the vibration is still there. What else should I check?

“If it vibrates on the road, I suppose the experiment I would do is to leave the engine revs at the same speed, and change gears.” “Does the vibration change? If I squeeze the clutch but don’t touch the throttle and come to a complete stop, does it stop vibrating? If so, what you have is a transmission, final drive, shaft or gear mounting problem. wheels”.

If the vibration doesn’t change much, it could be an engine problem. It can also come from something that is bolted or attached to the tractor. For example, a mower attached to the 3-point hitch can develop vibrations over time if the blades are bent or unbalanced. Disengage the PTO and if the vibration goes away, you know it is a drivetrain problem outside of the tractor.

If you cannot see anything on the tractor that is causing the vibrations, the problem should be addressed by your dealer as soon as possible.

“The vibrations usually start because something is wearing out or has failed and you don’t want to let too much time go by.” “Replacing a bearing is much cheaper than replacing castings. It’s not something you want to spend too much time on simply because there could be a catastrophic failure.”

Excessive vibration could loosen something else on the tractor, so have it checked thoroughly.

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