John Deere 6630

John Deere 6630

The John Deere 6630 belongs to the category of agricultural tractors. It has been designed by John Deere in such a way that it can appeal to a wider range of customers. This model is especially aimed at attracting a greater number of farmers who are essentially looking for reliable tractors.

  • The John Deere 6630 has a turbocharged engine.
  • It is equipped with a high pressure fuel injection system.
  • The engine has the ability to deliver a five percent burst of power if required.
  • Apart from this, it also delivers 20% power consistently.

The JD 6630 is available with a ton of options when it comes to transmission: PowrQuad Plus 16/16, Power Reverser 16/16, PowrQuad Plus 24/24 and PowrQuad Plus 20/20 are some of the transmission options available for the client. One of the highlights of all these models is the fact that they are equipped with a left-hand inverter that can be electrically operated, making driving and handling of this beast a breeze.

To improve the comfort level of the operator, many changes have been made to the John Deere 6630 compared to the other versions in the same series. One of the main changes is the reduction of the noise level. It has been drastically reduced to 71dB (A). Rear visibility has also been greatly improved. Cruise control on this model is standard as on most other John Deere tractors and the heater has been relocated under the seat. Other versions of the same series have the heater located on the roof of the cab, which was often a bit uncomfortable. The relocation has allowed the operator to enjoy better visibility and not have any problems when using the front loader.

The John Deere 6630 has a remote control PTO control. The fuel tank has been modified and can hold up to 250 liters of fuel. The lifting capacity of the tractor is also on the higher side and ranges from 4-6 tons. The JD 6630 is also equipped with an oil and fuel cap. The model also has a protection kit. Includes a lockable hood and AutoTrac Universal and Parallel Tracking steering systems. The model also consists of a high-end loader.

John Deere 6630
John Deere 6630

Farmers are constantly looking for ways to broaden their horizons in the field and on the road, as it is essential that operators get the most out of their equipment. The power, versatility and efficiency of John Deere 6630 Series Tractors allow farmers to expand their field of action without ever sacrificing reliability.

While there are many added benefits to the 6630, let’s look at four key benefits that farmers will experience when using this tractor.

The John Deere 6630 features an especially wide front window and an optional glass roof hatch to provide a wide view of everything around the tractor. An optional tilting front windshield is also available to adjust and improve cab airflow throughout the tractor. With a clear view of the rear drawbar, operators will be able to practice a quicker and easier hitching process.

Operators can enter the spacious cab from either side and be embraced with comforting and convenient items. The controls have been carefully placed in accessible areas to facilitate the operator’s work. For example, an inverter is available on the left to make charging work much less tiring. The double-sided entry, high-volume ventilation and the open area of ​​the cab ensure that operators receive the highest level of comfort throughout the day. With the John Deere 6630, operators will be cradled in comfort as they go about their daily routines.

John Deere 6630 premium
John Deere 6630 premium

The great power and consistency of the John Deere 6630 Series Tractor make it desirable for livestock and agricultural operations. The reliable 6.8 liter engine combined with 130 hp offers farmers everything they need to improve their daily operations. Operators will also get high torque and increased power thanks to the two-stage temperature cooling system and charge air cooler, which also minimizes fuel use and equipment maintenance costs.

The comfort and productivity included in the John Deere 6630 Tractor go hand in hand. By giving operators the comfort they desire, the chance of fatigue is reduced and their productivity levels increased. Triple-link suspension provides operators with additional comfort and the ability to improve performance in the field and on the road. Reliability and versatility are crucial aspects in the livestock business, and this farm equipment offers both. The left-hand reverser allows for quick direction changes no matter what task is being performed, eliminating any interruption in farm efficiency.

With the John Deere 6630 Series Tractor, farmers can broaden their horizons with better visibility, greater comfort, a wider line and higher productivity. These benefits work together to help farmers stay one step ahead and always stay on top of their farming and livestock operations.

While these are just a few of the many benefits, we hope this has given you a better understanding of all that farmers can gain from using the 6630.

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  1. John Deere 6630 Premium
  2. John Deere 6630 TLS
John Deere 6630 TLS
John Deere 6630 TLS


Had 6630 since 08, now 4000hrs, had a few engine probs, egr coolers etc, been ok since these parts were replaced. Its a tractor that needs to be warm to perform, then to me it pulls ok, just like the 130hp its meant to be. I only have a 7810 to compare it with, which is unfair. It pulls our 3m vaderstad well, but stuggles with a 3000l sprayer, esp on banks. It struggles unless fully topped up with oil to tip our 14t grain trailers also.

Got a 2009 6630 been a good motor pulls 3200lt trailed sprayer up and down hills comfortably after a bit of doctoring (know the risks!) on five furrow plough in autumn again pulls it fine! but she does drink fuel like its going out of fashion, agree likes to be warm before work, makes some strange rumbles before then! The big question is what to replace it with!

Running an 08 6630 premium which has not been chipped. Handles Vaddy 3m system disc drill and 4.6m Unipress ok on our ground which is far from level. Average fuel consumption over all operations is 9.63l/hr. drilling with Vaddy or pulling unipress straight on ploughing has fuel consumption of 18-22 l/hr depending on ground.

Ive a 2011 6630 standard with 3000hrs i find it a lovely tractor i mostly have it on de hedgecutter run it in the 1000 box drinks 9-10 litres diesel hr , it also pulls a 3m onepass with 1.5m front press prob get 40-45 acres from the fill of the tank , it pulls a deere 578 baler in 540e box when chopping the bales and handles it perfect to me

I have a 2007 6630 premium from 6 months old. It has now done 4300 hours. Its had the head gasket done (known problem on early 30 series) and recently had the rubber fuel line replaced (another common problem). Puts up the odd error code now and then but it has not stopped it running! Had a problem with the electronic selection of 1000 speed pto. Main problem turned out to be a freyed wire under the cab. The fuel tank could do with being bigger as it won’t do a full day with my 4m combi drill or mowing with a 3.2m trailed moco.Overall I am happy with the 6630 and like it a lot more than the 6600 it replaced, especially in the power derpartment

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